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PDX Airport Carpet iPhone wallpaper


People are taking this design and making it for profit, taking the vector I made straight for their products. That’s not cool. Come on internet! You can do better….

photo credits (instagram @themanderson, @lisvpvrdo, @colincarnival; flickr: kateconsumption)

When you visit/fly out of portland, this shot is mandatory. Out of a pure confusion between love/hate for this carpet design, I’ve decided to vectorize this. I must say, now I LOVE it. It makes a pretty swell phone background.

Download it for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. You’re welcome.


(I am planning on working on other carpets so stay tuned. Chicago is next. I am biased.)

Note: Does anyone know who the original designer of this carpet is???? I mean in honestly, all I did was vectorize this. The brilliance goes to the carpet designer.


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